Top 5 Longest-Running Restaurants in Australia

Take a trip to Melbourne in Australia to experience some of the finest homemade and traditional dishes in the country. Some of these exquisite establishments have been catering to guests for more than 40 years.

Abla’s – 1979

This Lebanese restaurant is currently one of the oldest dining establishments in Melbourne. The menu has plenty of delicious homemade items inspired by the Lebanese culture. Guests can indulge in thickened yoghurt, mixed dips, smoked eggplant, and a range of other dishes. Online delivery is also available.

Alasya Restaurant – 1978

Foodies who have an appetite for tasty Turkish cuisine may want to visit Alasya in Sydney, Australia. This prestigious establishment boasts delightful service and meals that are guaranteed to satisfy the appetite. The restaurant has one of the most diverse Turkish dishes available in Australia.

Bedi’s Indian Restaurant – 1980

People who claim to know all about the restaurant industry in Australia will know about the popularity of Indian food in Melbourne. Guests have flocked to this restaurant since its opening more than 40 years ago.

Brunetti Carlton – 1985

Treating food lovers for nearly three decades, this dining establishment features dishes like wood-fired pizza and pasta. This authentic-styled restaurant has mosaic floors, and it treats guests to one of the most iconic dining experiences in Italy.

Cafe Di Stasio – 1989

This classic Italian establishment serves contemporary food and invites guests to savour the taste of authentic Italian cuisine. With more than three decades in the running, this restaurant is suitable for both formal and informal occasions.

These great dining establishments are still widely popular after decades in the restaurant industry. Find out what all the fuss is about by making a reservation. Travellers in Australia can also visit some of the most distinguished coffee shops in and around Melbourne.